2 capture video NEW! Animal+Vegetal play video NEW! Animal+Vegetal

NEW! Animal+Vegetal

time 02:20

Symbiosis in plankton

3 capture video NEW! Ceratium play video NEW! Ceratium

NEW! Ceratium

time 02:03

Grow fingers to catch more light

4 capture video NEW! Protists 2 play video NEW! Protists 2

NEW! Protists 2

time 02:40

Radiolarians, Acantharians and Foraminiferans

5 capture video Siphonophores play video Siphonophores


time 03:55

The longest animals on the planet

6 capture video Diatoms play video Diatoms


time 05:03

Life in glass houses

7 capture video Clytia play video Clytia


time 03:17

A Laboratory Favorite

8 capture video Larvaceans play video Larvaceans


time 02:44

Their houses are nets

9 capture video Plankton play video Plankton


time 02:02

10 capture video Protists play video Protists


time 02:56

Cells in the Sea

12 capture video Sea Urchin play video Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

time 02:55

Planktonic Origins

15 capture video Salps play video Salps


time 02:16

Exploding Populations

16 capture video Velella play video Velella


time 02:36

Planktonic Vessels

17 capture video Pteropods play video Pteropods


time 02:01

Swimming Mollusks

18 capture video Pelagia play video Pelagia


time 02:30

Fearsome Jellyfish

19 capture video Pleurobrachia play video Pleurobrachia
20 capture video Phronima play video Phronima


time 02:25

Monsters in Barrels

The Plankton Chronicles series was created by Christian Sardet (CNRS), Sharif Mirshak and Noé Sardet (Parafilms) in the context of the Tara Oceans Expedition and the Marine Station of Villefranche sur Mer (CNRS / UPMC). The series has received financial support from CNRS (INSB / INEE),  IBISA, UPMCand the Ville de Nice.